Sunday, September 8, 2019

Artsonia After School Art Club: Paint a Peacock with Me!

I spent some time this summer making more videos... but this time not for my awesome YouTube Channel... but for Artsonia's.

My first video was the one I sent in as the "audition" I guess... and you had to introduce yourself and it seemed weird.  I talk in weird voices and make faces all the time to a group of kids and never have to watch myself doing it.  The project is good though.  I wanted to teach a nice simple concept, and I wanted to make sure that I was catering to kids doing art at home.  It works. And I'm hilarious.  It's also the only one that has a cool soundtrack, because they told us not to add music to the rest ☹️

The videos get more and more embarrassing after this one! My daughters are looking into the witness protection program.  I can't wait till they publish more. πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜ƒ

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Keeping Track of a Million Paper Scraps - easier prep for elementary projects in the long run.

You know how you are getting supplies ready for that one project, for that one grade - and you have to cut some 3" x 6" black, and 5" x 5" orange, and 6" x 17" this etc... and this-size-this etc.. and you end up with all these weirdo scraps of paper? I used to throw all those weirdo pieces into a box and use it for scrap.  Or I had boxes for different colors. Or I had boxes labeled "squares and rectangles only!" Or I'd say I'd use it for another project at some point- but digging through it to get enough of the correct size, or the colors I wanted wasn't worth the time.  I would just cut new pieces. The box would sit, and grow.  Usually the black and yellow strips would take over and at some point I would recycle everything because I was sick of seeing it.

I kept cutting papers for projects over, and over, and over, year, after year, after year. I was always getting weirdo scraps and I was always wasting paper. I realized it was time to stop the insanity.  So, I got crazy organized instead.  

I started simply cutting my scraps into strategically sized pieces that I know I frequently use for other projects.  Like - right away.  Don't put them in a box and say you will do it later.  
I had to cut a bunch of black pieces for these little kindergarten crows.  When I was done, my paper trimmer was full of a random assortment of strips and rectangles.  I cut them down into 2"x 2",  3" x 3",  or 4" x 6"... you get the idea.  The common sizes you repeatedly use over and over.
Then here is the anal retentive part.  I have all these beautifully labeled boxes that tell me where to put those sizes.  Beautiful = cardboard boxes from fruit snacks, Amazon, and Costco that I painted yellow on one side.

The next time I have to prep a crow, pumpkin, clown body,  or notan leaf, some of the pieces will be ready for me!

I even save the  1" strips for paper weavings, and seemingly other random strips too.  This is also a handy method for those crazy hectic days when you are passing out supplies and you're like, "Oh shoot, they need purple squares too...!"  Although, that never happens to me.  I am always prepared for my five back-to-back classes as soon as they walk through the door.  

I love to move art supplies around in my art room and label things with my Dymo printer.  I even wrote a whole book about it.