Thursday, May 16, 2013

Drawing Books.

If you don't know what something looks like, it is a lot harder to draw it. I have my classroom stocked with several different "How to Draw" books.  These are fun for centers time or to use as reference on projects.
Some are super easy, some are too hard... And I have a varying collection of subject matter.
My favorite drawing books for primary kids are the Ed Emberley titles. He uses an easy step-by-step, basic shape technique, that the kids pick up easily and like.
It can get hectic at the end of the year to plan projects! With field trips, assemblies, field day, picnics...some classes I will see for 3 more hours, some I will not see again.  Drawing from the Ed Emberley books is a great go to lesson for the hectic last days.  I have students do practice sketches for 15 minutes or so, then develop a narrative on a 12 x 18" drawing paper. We trace with Sharpie and color. They are always cute and imaginative!

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