Thursday, May 9, 2013

How to Assemble Color Wheels Worksheet.

Color wheels are one of those assignments that kind of have to be done, but can be very boring and confusing for the students to understand.

Many state learning standards require that students grasp color theory by intermediate school.  Thus, turning an artist's tool into something the students actually enjoy creating may be a challenge.

I have tried MANY different takes on the color wheel. Colored construction paper, painted swatches, textured Model Magic and even ceramic tiles.
My latest idea was to have students go on a treasure hunt in the collage boxes and in magazines for colors that matched.  They turned out beautiful!
What ever the media, one issue the class always has is assembling their color wheel appropriately.  The colors will look beautiful, but it is important that students understand that they need to be in the appropriate order AND they have to line up correctly.  I put together this little worksheet to help students with the assembling of the color wheels - no matter the media!  Hope it works for you.

How to Assemble a Color Wheel

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