Friday, May 10, 2013

Implied Texture Handout

I take no credit for this one... but I LOVE it.  I got this as a handout while I was student teaching (a  long time ago) and I have used it every single year since.  It is a fabulous way to help younger students understand implied texture.  Seeing an implied texture on an object that normally wouldn't have that texture helps students grasp the power artists have in their 2D drawings.

As a texture exercise, third graders trace their own hands on a 12 x 18" piece of drawing paper.  Together, we brainstorm other textures (not objects) and draw each finger to feel a different way.  It's fun and memorable.

Anyone know where this originally came from?
Here is a foam plate print a third grader made from  their collection of
 implied textures.  We continued the pattern outside the printed surface
with colored pencils for colored paper.

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