Monday, July 15, 2013

Breakfast Food Color and Cut page handout

Breakfast food is a great subject matter to explore in art class!  It is relatable to every kid and it usually does not incite yucky noises and disgust the way dinner can.  Vegetables, am I right?

The Breakfast Food Color and Cut page was made for kindergarten students.  Similar to the Fruit Color and Cut page, I used this during a unit on still life drawing.  Kindergartners would draw their own placemat, plates, forks, drinks, and napkins onto a piece of construction paper.  They would then color and cut out the breakfast foods they wanted to include, or they could of course draw their own.

I drew these pictures probably 10 years ago.  I used tracing paper, tape, and Sharpies to turn them into a handout.  I still had the originals in my file.  I thought it was kind of funny that I had to go through all that to make these simple illustrations. Now, I can do it so much faster and with better results on the iPad or computer.

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