Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hall Passes! And Star Wars.

Do high schoolers still use hall passes?  It seems kind of old fashioned.

If there was one thing my high school students could depend on, it was that I was(am) a huge Star Wars nerd and I took every opportunity available to incorporate Star Wars into their art education.

I don't do this so much anymore, and I will tell you why.  My first few years teaching were right at the height of late 90's Star Wars fever.  The originals (er... special editions?) had been rereleased in theaters, and the world was abuzz with the anticipation of The Phantom Menace.  What an exciting time! That movie was no good.  It did not wane my feelings for the franchise, but the new generation of Star Wars fans being educated in public schools had no idea what my Star Wars was really about.  It progressively blossomed into the Clone Wars series, Lego Star Wars, and other things that I could no longer engage in or simply relate to.  If Star Wars came up with my elementary students, it often became a moot conversation between me and a fifth grader who frankly had no idea what they were talking about.

Here are two pages of hall passes.  The Star Wars Hall Passes have nothing to do with art class, except for a Far Side cartoon that replaced some unfortunate character.
The second page is a mishmosh of passes I drew or apparently haphazardly threw together.  Either way, the collection will add class and elegance to your art room.

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