Monday, August 26, 2013

Art Education inspiration on Tumblr

I follow several art educators on Tumblr.  The majority of them are either preservice, or first, or second year teachers.  I draw from their inspiration, feel their frustrations, and share their excitement daily.

I had an idea for something I wanted to do for my first day of class this year.  It was nagging in the back of my head and required a little bit of prep work...and I kept putting it off.

I definitely wanted to steer clear of the boring blah blah lecture about rules and routines.  I've taught all my kids since kindergarten, and they pretty much know what is up.  After the blah blah discussion, the rest of the hour usually involves a basic mini project.  I like to have the kids do something with their table color, or decorate their sketchbook with a theme, or maybe minimal centers time.

Then, I came across this Tumblr post by Artful Artsy Amy, and I loved it.  I found her slideshow "What is art?" and loved that too!  I decided I wanted to do that with my kids on the first day and it was a beautiful success.

This wasn't the first time I drew inspiration from Tumblr.  I like to heart and reblog things!  But, I gotta be honest, I don't really understand you always have to interact through reblogs?  Anyway, I thought it was a good idea to compile a list of the Tumblr art teachers I knew of.  I would love for you to add to this list too!

And a little self-promotion: is me, and I pretty much post the same things there as I post here. is also me, this one is meant more for my families, and other non-art educators is also me.  This one is more my personal junk that I find interesting. Oh man, cannot get enough of the social media.
If you don't want to commit to following a bunch of blogs, just track the art education tags.  It's fun!

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