Thursday, August 15, 2013

Movin' on up.

I have had to pack up and move my art room a million times. This year was no exception.  In the spring I had to pack up everything in my first floor, main hallway art room so that everything can moved directly upstairs.

This is now my fourth room, in five years.  The two years I kept the same room, I still had to pack it up since it was getting refurbished! I would like to complain more about all the packing and unpacking and moving... but 6 & 7 years ago, I didn't have a room at all and schlepped around on a dinky cart.

As long as I have a room, I'd move every month.

Here is my room all packed up and ready to be moved.
And here is all my stuff ready to be unpacked in my new room!
It hasn't been too difficult unpacking just yet.  The rooms are nearly identical so things have been progressing fast.  One great thing about this room is the bright colors!  I love it!  I also kind of like not being in the main hallway anymore either (so crowded and noisy all the time!)- but my hallway art will not get as big of an audience.

AND, did you notice my brand new PROMETHEAN BOARD!  I have been begging for one of these for 2 years.  I am psyched.  I want to start writing some interactive activities right now. I got one in my intermediate building too!  I'll be sure to share!

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