Monday, August 19, 2013

The Art Teacher's Substitute Notebook: The Basics. Now available!

Two maternity leaves and years of unexpected absences was the catalyst for my latest endeavor,  The Art Teacher's Substitute Notebook:  The Basics Coming back to school to learn that my students had a free day, played with clay and paint, or (eeh gads!) FINISHED their latest project happened all to often.  I was left notes that said my lessons were "too confusing" or a lovely letter explaining how the sub was just not an art person.  I came to realize that many subs came into my room thinking they would not actually have to teach all day.  Or worse, they were already intimidated by the subject matter and felt no point in trying (what kind of art teacher did they have?) 

The Art Teacher's Substitute Notebook:  The Basics is designed to set the stage for your sub and ease them into the routines and unique atmosphere of the art room.

 This notebook is designed for all art teachers.  The pages are customizable .pdfs that you can fill-in, print and have available in your class at all times.  Please note that this download does not include any lesson plans.  Coming soon is The Art Teacher's Substitute Notebook: K-2 Lessons.  It will be a great companion to The Basics.

The Basics includes an introductory letter for your sub, your schedule, information on emergencies, and much more!  Eight pages worth of important information for your sub.  Forget those other sub plan books- those were not made for art teachers!
Here is a sample page.  All these fields are customizable in Adobe Reader/Acrobat
Here is a sample letter to leave for your sub.  The art room can be a scary place to sub!

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