Monday, September 16, 2013

Easy way to organize your dry rack. Color coded place mats!

My students are all ready in the habit of bringing their small wet work of art up to the dry rack on a place mat.  Many of the projects my intermediate students create are smaller, and they fall through the rack causing mass chaos.  My dry racks only hold work up to 12" x 18".  For years I have reused 12" x 18" construction paper  to do the job.

I just figured out a way to keep the dry rack neat and make passing back artwork a breeze.  Color-coded place mats!  If you sit at the red table, you get a red placemat, if you sit at the green table, you get a green one.... when they bring them up to the rack, I can sort them immediately by table as I put them to dry - or older students just put them on by themselves.  When they are dry, I can easily discern what folder to put them in.

It is working great and saving loads of time passing back work!

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