Monday, September 9, 2013

Positive/Negative Space Coloring Page and Substitute Lesson Week!

It's substitute teacher week!  I just made that up, because I have a weeks worth of sub-lessons to share with you!  I am just a little protective of my students and their art class experience.  I've spent a lot of time making sure that the lessons my kids do with a sub are meaningful, educational, and of course easy for a sub to teach.  Oh yeah, and it's not like I am absent all the time... I have been teaching for 14 years, and I've had 2 maternity leaves, and I'm just a little particular about things.

I have a lesson that goes a long with a page I recently posted.   The  Element of Space coloring page by Art Sherman is just basic coloring and pattern making, but it is sometimes worth practicing.  Here is the lesson that goes along with it!  Print it out and leave it for your sub.

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  1. I hope you don't mind. I posted a link to this post on my blog for art sub lessons.