Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Shepard Fairey for Kids! Free PowerPoint Slideshow for Elementary use.

It is difficult to explain street art culture and graffiti to a bunch of fifth graders.  I touch on the history of graffiti, and try to carefully discuss the legalities, but it can get kind of sticky.

This is where Shepard Fairey comes in.  We are influenced by the Obama Hope poster for our project "monochromatic identity" (full lesson at the link).  I think Shepard Fairey's entire story  - from the viral Andre the Giant stickers to the appropriation battle over Obama's image- is fascinating.  My students think it's fascinating too.  They always have a ton of questions and often hung up on the whys, whats, whos, and hows. 

I put together this PowerPoint presentation on Shepard Fairey (with sources!) to teach my students a little bit about his life, street art, and activism.  Our discussion often turns to what is ethical, on top of what is legal and illegal.  It draws forth a good discussion.  I love when they see Shepard Fairey in the videos too.  They always say "he's so young!"  This makes me happy, 'cause he's older then me, AND it makes me realize how many old dead guys we learn about.

There are two short video links in the presentation.  I'm sharing them here because I think they are pretty good to show elementary kids.  The first one is a mash up of Obama's "Yes We Can!" speech with images of a HOPE mural being installed.
Barack Obama x Z-Trip x Shepard Fairey x Fresh Pressed from chumpchampion on Vimeo.
 The second is Shepard Fairey talking about influencing students to be positive.  

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