Monday, November 11, 2013

Word Wall: An easy way to sneak in some Common Core Standards

Here is my Word Wall at my intermediate building.  It's only been one quarter, and I still have more to fill in.

My classroom has a ton of words all over it.  Color theory, the elements of art, the principles of design, tools, center labels, art careers, art quotes, words, words, words.  Every project I teach I refer to some of the words somewhere in the room.  Sometimes it makes a connection from previous learning, and sometimes it does not.  That is where the word wall comes in.

I have been gathering all the art words we have been using throughout the year and printing them super plainly.  I cut them out and staple them to my imaginary Venn diagram bulletin board.  Some words overlap grade levels, so it is kind of like imaginary bubbles encompassing each grade.  The connections between the words is starting to become more obvious to my classes.  They are starting to understand that these words keep repeating and are important in more then just their one art project.  They have meaning even outside of the art room. The word wall builds on the students vocabulary. If a student sees a word that they do not know, they ask me!  It's a super easy teachable moment.

I am planning on improving it next year with a larger space, and using my other word posters as the word for the word wall. There are several ways the word wall can be implemented!  Here is a great article written last year for the NAEA Monthly Mentor Blog.
Here is my word wall at my primary building.  We've done more projects, but have less words.

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