Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Your Art Room's A Mess: Student Area

In July of 2013, "Your Art Room's a Mess" was published on iTunes.  It was written to help the new or disorganized art teacher get a handle on their room and supplies.  "Your Art Room's A Mess" teaches you:
•What an art supply is used for
•How it should be stored
•How it should be distributed
•What your elementary student is going to do with it.
All this in a quick reference style accompanied by real experiences from the art room.  

I have decided to share some sections from "Your Art Room's A Mess" right here on my blog.  Enjoy!

Student Area

One successful strategy to use in a classroom management plan is the creation of a student area.  Each classroom should have a place where the students can be responsible for the supplies.  The student area is home to glue cans, scissor cups, and crayon bins.  During lessons, a table helper can be assigned to go retrieve these 

My Student Area is a repurposed bookshelf.

items from the student area.  My student areas have often been brightly colored bookshelves or a labeled place where the students know distinctly where to go.   The student area is also home to a couple of other student supplies.  A box of free draw paper, drawing books, coloring books, a box of scrap paper and a marker bin.  The students are in charge of keeping these boxes and supplies neat and tidy.  They are out all the time.  If a child finishes a project early or earns free art studio time they are allowed to use any of these supplies but they must make sure they get put away properly, or that privilege may be revoked.

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