Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cartouche Worksheet - Free Download,and substitute lesson from the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

My fourth graders had just started their Ancient Egyptian Art unit when I was out of school for week.  I didn't want to leave them something completely different then what we were doing, so I searched for an easy to teach sub lesson that had something to do with Ancient Egypt.

Somewhere on Pinterest I found a cartouche worksheet from the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  I prepped the worksheet, and left some markers and strips of construction paper. Here are the plans I left for my sub:

This class was introduced to Ancient Egyptian Art last week.  Please pass out the “about yourcartouche” page to the class.  Read it out loud and have students discuss it.  Show students the photograph of the Ancient Egyptian Cartouche.
 Students will practice writing their name in hieroglyphics on the back of the “About your Cartouche” worksheet.
Once they have practiced, pass out the long strips of gold construction paper.  This will be the inside of their own cartouche.  With pencils only, they should once again write their name going vertically down their golden strip.  If it is too long, that is okay.  Trace and color hieroglyphics with black marker.

Finally, with pencil, draw an oval around your cartouche.  Cut it out.  Make sure your English name is in pencil on the back!

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