Friday, February 28, 2014

Hot Dogs and Cool Cats! A downloadable sub lesson that worked pretty well.

I knew I was going to miss my first grade classes a few weeks back.  I needed a sub lesson that was relevant and kept my students on track with their curriculum.  We had been learning a little bit of color theory with our recent studies.  I kept that up with this Cool Cats and Hot Dogs Lesson that anyone can teach.

I found it on TeachersPayTeachers.  It is 19(!!!) pages. It is on sale for one more day.

Young artists learn color mixing and the difference between warm and cool colors. They can then make a hot dog or cool cat using warm or cool colors.

This packet contains everything you need to teach the Hot Dog and Cool Cat lesson: 

Step by step lesson. (2 pages)
Pre-assessments (1 page)
Color wheels and color lessons (3 pages)
Dog and Cat drawing sheets (6 pages)
Sheet of rubrics (1 page)
Sheet of labels (1 page)
Pages for student generated criteria for the rubric (3 pages)

It has clean cut graphics and was easy to follow.  I taught the second hour of this lesson upon my return.  Although the kids seemed to be enjoying it, it struck me as busy work, and a little too in depth.  Even for first graders.  They knew their warm and cool colors by the end of the first day, and it seemed like I just kept re-hashing the same points with a lot of worksheets.  If you need a very thorough sub plan, this is it.  AND supporting the teachers on TeachersPayTeachers is always cool.

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