Thursday, March 13, 2014

How to Draw Sea Creatures worksheet handout now available for download! It's an original!

I made a few handy worksheets while compiling "The Art Teacher's Substitute Notebook."  I've made the lessons available individually, and now I am publishing the worksheets as separate pieces too!

How to Draw Sea Creatures is a handy resource in the art room.  This one page worksheet is ready to print and pass out.  Perfect for your sea themed art! And hey, it's all original!  Have you ever surfed TeachersPayTeachers and seen people selling things they've scanned from somewhere else?  That's the worst.  If I scan it from somewhere else, I'll give it to you for free!

Also available separately, How to Draw Farm Animals is also perfect for the K-5 set.  This two page worksheet is ready to pass out. Maybe you can find it handy!

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