Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Design a Button! Free worksheet download for designing in a circle.

I had students make buttons for Youth Art Month this year.  They turned out great and the kids were super excited.  They wanted to make buttons for themselves!

In my classroom I have "Winning Tables" and basically, each table is a team that needs to work together to be quiet and stay clean.  I award points and keep a tally.  At the end of the quarter the "Winning Table" earns a prize.  The prize used to be stuff from Oriental Trading Company, but I really got sick of that junk.  I decided instead to award Custom Buttons!

My students loved the song Roy G. Biv and even when we were not studying color theory, they wanted to hear it.  I designed these fun buttons and ordered a pack from my favorite button makers, The Busy Beaver Button Company right here in Chicago.

My friend Dianna at The Friendly Neighborhood Art Teacher also uses buttons in her art room!

I made up a handout for kids to design their own button.  Maybe in the future their designs will become our winning table prizes!

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