Monday, May 12, 2014

A head in a hole photo thingy and how I made one for my art show.

It's always the week of the art show that I get a great idea, and then do not have any time to implement it.  But, I usually do it anyway, and just add to the frazzled week. 

I thought it would be awesome to have a head in the hole photo panel of the Mona Lisa and American Gothic on display during my schools' Festival of the Arts.  It is one evening in May where the artwork from my K-5 students is on display at one of the schools.  The choir gives a performance, and everyone mingles and has fun.  
The interactive head in a hole photo thingy was something the adults and kids could do and got the crowd excited about art.  I chose these two paintings because they are soooo famous and recognizable and because my third grade had just completed parodies of them.
How did I make them?
I downloaded a large file of the paintings after a Google image search.
I uploaded them to  You can choose how large you want your image to be.
Then, I downloaded the .pdf from blockposters, and printed them on the schools laser color printer.
I cut off the edges, and used gluestick to glue it to roll paper. (cutting off all the white and gluing it to a matching color roll paper will hide any seams - I tried just overlapping on my Mona Lisa, and you can see some of the white paper showing through)
Next, I stapled the roll paper to a large piece of cardboard.  I used packing tape along the edges so no sharp staples poked through.
I traced a mask form where I wanted to cut the head hole, then I cut it with an X-acto knife.
Finally, I strung it up from the ceiling with paperclips and magnets. Voila!

My students and my kids loved it.  I put a sign next to it to #tag it on instagram, but nobody but me did!  However, it was very popular and tons of families took pictures!

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