Thursday, May 15, 2014

Awesome Owls! First grade makes patterns, cuts, & pastes cute birds.

Being relegated to a cart this semester, I have had to adjust some of my lessons to accommodate.  Most projects that used to be painted are being finished in new (less messy) ways, and sometimes with surprising results!

The objectives for Awesome Owls are for first graders to learn about line, practice making pattern, cutting, and pasting.  We even get into owls being nocturnal and some of their other habits (for the Common Core aficionados) 

Each student starts off with two papers.  We filled them with lines, and filled our new shapes in with pattern.  As a class we draw our owl shape on the back of one paper (two U's), and our wings on the other (one rainbow).
Here is a weird Microsoft Paint picture of what I mean:
Students are charged with cutting and pasting and assembling.  Even though we couldn't paint, everyone's turned out really cute.

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