Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A fun elementary exit survey/assessment for the last day of art. Download from TeachersPayTeachers

I thought an end of year assessment or exit survey would be useful for my elementary kids.  I kept jotting down all these questions to ask each grade, and how I would format the survey... but in the end, I found one on TeachersPayTeachers that did the trick.
This photo is from TeachersPayTeachers - that is why it is so small! Here is a slightly larger version of one page/
It comes with six pages, designed slightly different for each class. I chose one page for second grade, and wasn't too thrilled with the questions.  Overall, the packet is great and very useful, but I wanted a little more.  Of course I didn't realize it until I went over it with the class and there was a bit of confusion... so I literally cut and taped a new combination of the worksheet into what I really wanted - and it went off without a hitch. 

In each class we brainstormed every single project we did together during the year.  This was a great review of artists and things we had learned.  It was fun when someone remembered some little obscure thing that had happened.  I will definitely continue with exit surveys in the future.

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