Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Dia de los Muertos: Our Hispanic Heritage Month Integration and my Halloween Costume

The last few weeks leading up to the Day of Dead my classes have been working on projects to commemorate the holiday.  Our school social worker, Ms. Suarez, spearheaded a Hispanic Heritage Month celebration at our school.  Each morning over the announcements she read a brief biography of a significant Hispanic person and gave us the Spanish word of the day!  It was pretty fun.

To integrate with art, Ms. Suarez came into each class and gave a brief overview of the holiday.  We looked at photos of celebrations, and Ms. Suarez was able to answer any questions the kids might have about the day.

Then, I took over and we looked at Calavaras, tin ornaments, and etchings and we talked about the art of Day of the Dead.  Each class had their own dedicated project and we finished our display just in time for the Nov. 1st weekend!

Whenever I see photos of my classroom, I get happy at how awesome it looks.
On Halloween, we got to dress-up!  I made a calavera - sugar skull mask and a flower and veil headdress.  The kids were amazed and creeped out.  Unfortunately, I lost the school costume contest to Doc McStuffins, but I did get featured in Cassie Stephen's Blog!

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