Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Do you have table artists? Free PDF and PPT download featuring artists with a Chicago Connection.

I like to hang artists' self-portraits and notable works above my classroom tables.  I sort them by color.  My six classroom tables go in rainbow order, ROY G. B(I)V.  I choose an artist to correspond to each table color, and instead of always calling "red table, go get your glue..."  I will say "Suerat's go get your glue."  This helps reinforce artists' names and gets my students familiar with many different artists.

This year I chose six artists with a a Chicago connection.  The artists in this series are:
Jonathan Green
Faith Ringgold
Georges Seurat
Pablo Picasso
Alexander Calder
and Frank Lloyd Wright.
You can download a printable pdf of their portraits and visuals here.
I print the pictures and mount them to construction paper, and laminate.   This year I also took the students through a little PowerPoint with a bit of information about each artist.  We used Visual Thinking Strategies and studied each work carefully.

After our PowerPoint presentation, we learned about how to act in a museum.  I had several other works of art by these artists printed and laminated too.  Learn more about our fake trip to a museum here.

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