Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Successful art projects at a birthday party? Yes! Art Party: Georgia O'Keeffe

I recently had the greatest/most intense birthday party experience ever.

I hosted a first grader's birthday party at my studio, No Corner Suns.  It is a very small classroom up above an old travel agency.  On my website I say our maximum is 12 kids/party.  Well, we've been able to stretch that to 15...and this weekend I stretched it to 17.  Yes.  Seventeen first graders up in my little attic classroom- and it was off the hook.

My party mom was awesome.  If every customer who came to the studio was like her, it would be a dream.  She took the art party theme to the next level with her details!  It looked great and her daughter was so nice and appreciative.

I taught the kids a little bit about Georgia O'Keeffe and showed them a ton of her flower pictures.  They sketched for a little bit, and then we prepped their canvas.  They spent several minutes mixing their palette (they were great with color theory!) and then painted.  They were so cute!

We of course had our share of spilled water, painted hair and sleeves.  My floor has never been as colorful, and I truly worked up a sweat cleaning up before cupcakes!  It was great fun and I hope to get the chance to do it again.

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