Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Winter Portraits in Second Grade

Self-Portraits are my favorite project to teach.  I try to teach a self-portrait in every grade, K-5.  I was talking about how much I loved portraits in my after school teen class when I realized I never actually drew, painted, or made a formal self-portrait myself until I was in high school... and even then, I was so apprehensive about drawing the portrait, I made a taco covering half of my face!

I started a self-portrait project in second grade just before Winter Break.  The goals of this lesson were to learn about famous artists' self-portraits, introduce students to proper facial proportions, and draw what you see.  When these students were in first grade, they constructed a Fall Self-Portrait. Better start planning Spring Portraits for 3rd grade!

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  1. Hahaha the one on the top left truly looks cold! I love the snowflakes, I am doing a snowflake project with my 1st graders right now and they are loving it. Have you found an easy way of explaining how to fold and cut the paper?