Tuesday, February 24, 2015

No Fail Acrylic Painting on Canvas. It was fun! Was it Art?

I held a special Modern Art Masterpiece Class at No Corner Suns Art Studio on MLK day.  I had seen this little idea on Pinterest.  Using masking tape to mask off a canvas, and painting over it, and thought that would be a fun thing to try.

A fun thing to try...  yes.  But is it art?

Isn't that the real struggle?  I want my studio to be a learning place, yet I want to appeal to the masses too.  What I've learned is that I can have it both ways.  It is a matter of finding FUN and SUCCESSFUL lessons that do actually teach something.  No matter the age.

This little class began with a discussion of Modernism to an extent.  We looked at some Mondrian, and Miro.  We talked about horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines too.  Once everything was taped off, we got only the primary colors and spent a lot of time mixing, mixing, mixing!  Then we painted.  It was one hour, it was fun, and look at those faces!  It was successful.

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