Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Painting like a real artist in 5th Grade.

I started teaching wine + paint events in June of 2014.  When I was prepping for my first 30 person adult party, I kept thinking I had to keep it simple, like how I teach 5th grade.  Well, my 5th graders haven't ever actually painted on canvas, so I thought it was time that they did.

Assembling easels.... kind of a pain.
I purchased a bunch of inexpensive easels from Blick.  The toughest part was getting them assembled.  Regardless, we finally got them put together!  We started by toning our canvas.  

The work the fifth graders were doing was actually pretty simple, and way less involved than a usual project.  I think that since they had the canvas, easel, palettes, and everything - they felt more like real artists.  They were super excited about this!

We sketched our Georgia O'Keeffe inspired flowers on our canvas, and next week we will start adding analogous colors to paint our petals.  They looked so cute all lined up on my floor, I had to take a picture!

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