Sunday, October 28, 2018

Spoopy (spooky) Silhouettes - Printable Lesson, Tacer, & Clipart for Halloween

Last year I was asked to leave an art project for the 5-8th grade to do during their Halloween Party/free time afternoon.  Unlike what sometimes happens, I did not get a classroom full of kiddos in head-to-toe costume dropped off to have art class in lieu of their party...or after their party.  

I did not want to leave something lame, but I didn't want to leave anything too involved since I wasn't going to be there.  Hence, Spoopy Silhouettes was born.

It's a classic Pinterest project.  All I've done is put it into one nice downloadable package for you. This is a nice one to do on Halloween when you do have to teach, but you don't dare touch those beautiful landscapes the kids have been working on for weeks, or get out the chalk pastel self-portraits.

The lesson includes:
2 page printable instructions
1 tracer
10 pages of halloween clipart - from the internet, I just curated them for this project.  I did not draw them!

You will need:
Coffee filters
Watercolor Paints & supplies
Black Construction Paper
Sharpie Marker
We put our coffee filters on the air vents to dry quickly! 

Happy Halloween!

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