Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Artistic Style - Embarrassing High School Lesson Assignment Page

I know people usually do not read my blah blah blah stuff under the download, so in a way this makes it more embarrassing. The Artistic Styles assignment page might be printed off or saved and used as a legitimate assignment sheet!

It's embarrassing because it was written for my high school students my first or second year of teaching.   Which means a lot of unnecessary bold and underlining, vague and misleading descriptions, and crazy specific objectives.  A plus is that it was before the embrace of Visual Culture - which means I was simply ahead of my time as an art educator.

The lesson itself is a cool idea.  My HS teaching days were before Artsonia, so I do not have any photos of the completed project - but also, I have no recollection of this project ever being completed!  You'd think I'd remember kids sitting around drawing McDonald's Mulan toys, or WWF Superstars. Weird.

Basically, the best part of this assignment sheet are the illustrations of Darth Vader which provides more fodder for my Star Wars obsession.

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