Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Art Room/Classroom Bulletin Board Signs: Warm, Cool, Complementary, Neutral, Art, Art News, Artsonia, Goals, Self-Portraits

 Have you seen my collection of Art Room/Classroom Bulletin Board Signs?  They've been getting some action on TeachersPayTeachers, so I thought I'd advertise them a little more.

Here are the details:

Here are some fun signs to decorate your art room bulletin boards! I made these out of various fabric scraps and scanned them.

Four signs for your color theory board:
Warm Colors
Cool Colors
Complementary Colors
Neutral Colors

An Art sign for your door,

and four more signs for various displays you may have in your room.
Art News
and Self Portraits

Print your signs on a high quality color printer and trim and mount for use.


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