Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Are you ready for a substitute? Download an easy sub lesson and forms for your subs basic needs.

Do you have your emergency sub plans ready?  Download Line Caterpillars and add it to your sub folder.  It is super easy to teach, curriculum appropriate, and uses minimal supplies.

Line Caterpillars is one of the lessons in my new (soon to be released) book The Art Teacher's Substitute Notebook:  K-2 Lessons.  The book contains 11 or 12 detailed lessons specifically for subs!

Does the lesson look a little confusing?  Don't worry!  This page explains the details.
But wait, there's more! Leaving sub notes is way more then just leaving easy to teach lessons.  Don't leave your sub confused and scared by your subject, your classroom, or your students!  Leave a copy of The Art Teacher's Substitute Notebook:  The Basics.  The Basics contains 8 pages of customizable .pdfs.  Everything your sub will need to know about supplies, emergency plans, and routines is available here.

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