Monday, November 18, 2013

Easy first grade color wheel coloring page: Why aren't color wheels all the same?

I teach first graders how to mix primary colors during an oil pastel project.  I have always had the students practice mixing on a scrap paper as I demo in the front of the room.  I suddenly realized that the class should be mixing on a color wheel!  In Illinois, it's not technically an assessment till fourth grade, so I never even considered it!  However; the flow of the wheel would definitely help some students understand it.  Plus, it starts to make a basic foundation and connection to many projects in the future.

Of course, 30 minutes before my class I get this grand idea.  I google "Color Wheel Coloring Page ."
  I sift through a million results and cannot find a nice basic six color - color wheel with yellow on top.  Every color wheel I have ever had hanging on my wall has yellow on top.  The concept can be confusing enough to some kids, changing the order could really mess them up!

So, I made my own.  The Color Wheel Coloring Page for primary and secondary colors only, with yellow on top, is now available for download.  Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you! I had a hard time finding a 6 part color wheel that was in the same order as the color wheel poster you have.