Monday, November 25, 2013

K-2 Complete Substitute Lesson - "Candy House" available to download.

I published a book full of 12 complete lessons an art teacher can just leave on her desk with little to no prep for a sub.  It hasn't been getting much action - which I think is ridiculous!  This is the best thing ever written for an art teacher.
I know, I'm completely biased, and the years and hours I've spent putting this masterpiece together skews my thinking....but I called in for a sub about a week ago at 5:00am.  Then, I just rolled over and went back to sleep.  My sub plans were done!  When I got back to school the next day, my room was clean and I could tell my students had been busy.  My amazing book just sits at the corner of my desk always ready.  You should seriously think about getting a copy.

At any rate, it occurred to me that these lessons could also be great for homeschool parents, and classroom teachers who want to turn their craft time into art time.  I have begun putting each lesson from "The Art Teacher's Substitute Notebook:  K-2 Lessons" on TeachersPayTeachers individually.

Now available for download, "Candy House."  It's a sweet little architecture lesson complete with step-by-step directions and a colorfully illustrated brainstorming page.  It can be left on a desk for sub or taught by a non art person in a non art setting, The student will learn and the results will be great.

 I do have several free sub resources on this page too (so maybe that's where everyone is getting their plans!)  Either way - be prepared for your sub!

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