Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ready to Paint! Two free worksheet downloads from the packet "Art Rules!"

Do your students know how to act in the art room? I always teach routines and expectations at the beginning of the year, but sometimes these need reinforcement.  Maybe even constant reinforcement.

"ART RULES" is a simple packet full of activities that help reinforce the art room rules and routine. Students can color, fill in answers, put things in order, answer true/false and finish drawing the pictures!

Pages include: 
Ready for Art
Ready to Paint
Treat People and Supplies with Respect
Which of these things...
How would it make you feel....
It's Clean Up Time!
What have you learned.

Now you can download "Ready to Paint" and "Ready for Art" for free.  This packet is suitable for grades 2-8!

These pages can be passed out as an entire packet, or given out individual one reinforcement at a time!  Sample what this packet includes.  Visit the TeachersPayTeachers page to learn more.  The whole packet is only $5. Yeah!

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