Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Your Art Room's a Mess: Erasers

Here is an excerpt from  "Your Art Room's a Mess" available on ITunes.


What is this used for?
  • To erase pencil marks.

How should this supply be stored?
  • In a bowl, bin, or pencil case near the pencils and pencil sharpeners.

How should this supply be distributed?
  • Students come and retrieve or they are passed out with pencils.

What is the student going to do with this supply?
  • Use their pencil tip to poke holes in it, write their name on it, crack and break it into pieces.

Are there any special concerns with this supply?
  • Erasers have the tendency to disappear.  Keep track of how many you have and teach your students how to properly use and care for the erasers so they last longer.

For younger students who are just learning the rules of sharing, I give each child their own eraser.  For the upper levels, I only give one eraser per table.  I only leave out the 6 erasers thus eliminating sticky fingers and the keeping track of too many.  If we only have 6 to look after, everyone takes pretty good care of them.  I mark which table they belong too with a permanent marker.

Students generally like to destroy erasers and this accounts for many disappearances.  It is important that they understand how to use them correctly.  It is also important to explain to students that if the erasers get ruined, the classroom just won’t have any left to use.  I implemented a system with my older students where they would have to buy a new eraser if their tables got ruined.  They used positive behavior tickets they received throughout school.  The system worked great!

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