Monday, February 17, 2014

Keep those paint cups organized. Label them with their fancy Blick name!

I took my paint cups home last summer and washed them out in my backyard with the hose.  I haven't had to use the whole set until recently.  It took me about a half hour to get them ready for use.  It was a matter of matching insides, matching lids, and matching bottoms. Why aren't these universal?  Then I had to fill them.  I noticed that I had purchased a different multicultural paint set with new names!

 I used to annually purchase the multicultural tempera paint set from Crayola.  They had interesting names that pretty much fit their color, beige, mahogany, terra cotta, peach, tan, olive.. etc.  Those seemed like good skin names.  I was never really satisfied with the quality and purchased the Blick brand this year instead.  They are pretty much the same colors, but have all new names!  Curry!  Cinnamon!  Almond!  Walnut!  I used my fat Sharpie and relabeled my cups.  Refilling the cups from the pints can get confusing with all the different hues.  Labeling just makes it a little easier.  And, I do like the Blick quality better.

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