Tuesday, March 18, 2014

List of Art Teachers on TeacherPayTeachers.

My district has allotted some funds to purchase resources on TeachersPayTeachers.  I have used the site a few times to purchase or download free things, and try to sell some of my own resources there too.  I was having a hard time finding quality resources that were specifically for the art room, or were created with visual art in mind.  I thought others might find it tough to navigate too, so I've started a list of stores I found that had art resources:

Me!  No Corner Suns
Klaire Pearson
Expressive Monkey
Emily Berry
Scott Cummins - Outside the Lines
Katherine Yamashita
Masterpiece Momma
Create to Inspire
Art is Basic
Artsy Cat
Ms Artastic
Art Lesson Launchpad
Deep Space Sparkle
Art Wizard
Grass Carpet Studio
Art Studio FM
A Space to Create

I have purchased or downloaded from a few of these.  I've found many TPT resources useful as supplements to something I am already teaching.  I waste a lot of time reinventing what somebody else has already done!  I'll gladly pay them for the trouble.

There must be a TON more art teachers selling on TPT!  Let me know, and I will add you to the list.


  1. Thanks for the list! It's wonderful to see art teachers share their works on TpT. Love your stuff!
    Patty (Deep Space Sparkle)

  2. Hi! I'd love to be added to your list :) My TPT store is "Art with Jenny K." I specialize in bringing art lessons to the classroom teacher!

  3. Thanks for adding me to this list! I checked out all the people on your list and was able to follow some new people :-)

    I tried pinning your blog entry, but there is not really a good photo that goes along with this blog entry. Just a suggestion, if you want to make this more "pinnable".

    Thanks again!
    Stacey (Expressive Monkey)

  4. Hi.....I have a shop on TPT. I focus on lessons for art substitute teaching. Here's my link: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Art-Girl-Jan

    By the way, I have a blog for art sub lessons. When I check on statistics on where people have linked from, I get this blog! So thanks for that!


  5. Thanks for this great list.
    If you are interested in joining my FB group, go here and request to join: