Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Anyone Can Teach Art: Pattern Clown complete lesson now available for download!

I recently published "The Art Teacher's Substitute Notebook:  K-2 Lessons."  It is a compilation of 12 complete lessons for the art teacher to leave on her desk in case a sub is necessary.  Maybe you aren't interested in 12 complete lessons right now... don't worry, you can pick and choose one at a time!  Click the links to learn more about each lesson and see a preview of the pages.

All the lessons have now been published in a bundle and now individually!  Enjoy!

Pattern Clown is now available for download!  This lesson concentrates on pattern and construction skills.  Totally fun and easy for a sub to teach!

Under the Sea is now available for download!  This lesson teaches basic shape drawing.  Complete with all written instructions, examples, and a how to draw handout.

Superheroes!  Is now available for download!  This lesson asks your student to brainstorm and design their own superhero.

Spring has Sprung is also available!  This lesson teaches basic shape drawing and the parts of composition in a landscape drawing. 

Out of this World now available.  This lesson concentrates on the parts of composition, landscape drawing, and imagination!

On the Farm, now available.  This lesson concentrates on basic shape drawing and composition.  It comes with a detailed lesson, tons of examples, and a drawing worksheet.

Available now, Let's Face it! Basic shape drawing and portraiture lesson.  Complete with examples, a ton of illustrations, and beautiful worksheets.

The Name's the Thing!  This lesson combines, color schemes, design principles and fancy handwriting.  Includes a handout on how to write fancy letters.

 It's a Zoo! This lesson concentrates on basic shape drawing and composition skills.  Comes with an easy "how to draw" page and very detailed directions.

Also available, Big Butterflies.  This lessons concentrates on balance and pattern.

Available for free is Candy House. This lesson combines fairy tales and architecture and has great illustrations and a brainstorming page.

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