Thursday, March 20, 2014

Op art with Bridget Riley: Free handout and Youtube video.

Op art is fun to teach!  I find my students love it once they get the hang of it.  
Fourth Grade began a mini-unit on Op Art with a slideshow on artist Bridget Riley.

I asked the students questions about the art:  What did the notice?  What colors did she use?  What did it remind you of?  How did she do that?
We learned a little about her life too and her place in art history.
Next we received some practice pages.  Students learned how to wrap lines, create radiating designs, keep lines parallel, and make new shapes.
They were so intrigued with the optical illusion, I included this in the lesson:
Starry Night Op Art Gif
We practiced more designs with pencil only on "The Power of Line" handout.
For one of their final projects, students used their favorite technique on a 7 x 7" square with black ultra fine point Sharpie.
Their second final project, students created a hand illusion that appeared 3D.

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