Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sunshine! First grade gets us ready for warmer days ahead.

Continuing our study of Warm vs. Cool colors, first grade made these wonderful warm color sunshines.  It has made everyone at school loooong for the sunny days ahead (longest winter ever!!!) and keeps us optimistic that it will be here soon.

First graders began by drawing sunshines for 5 minutes.  They had to fill a paper and draw as many different suns as they possibly could.  Then I ask quesions like, 
"Who drew a circle with little lines?" 
"Who made one with sunglasses?" 
 "Who drew one with triangles?"
I used to ask, "Who drew one in the corner?"  but I don't do that anymore.... (It seriously encourages corner suns, I did my thesis on it!)  This conversations gets children thinking about other unique ways they could make a sunshine.

Together we looked at several examples of sculptures and paintings of sunshines.  We discuss all the elements the artist used and how each one looks different.  Finally we construct our own.
We do it together in steps;
make a circle, choose a new color for sunshine rays, choose another color for sunshine rays, use your scraps to make a face, add decorations with more construction paper, add decorations with slick paper, add decorations with metallic or glitter paper.  These took about 2 hours.  

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