Thursday, April 17, 2014

Model Magic Pinch Pots in Second Grade

If you need a project that will take 5 minutes, this is it.
I do not have a kiln, or a classroom, but I still try to do additive and subtractive sculpture projects with each of my classes every year.  Model Magic is not a cheap option, but it is clean and easy.
I opened a 1/2lb. package of Model Magic.  Using my teacher scissors, I cut it in half longways, then in half on the short side.  I continued dividing the clay in this way till I had 16 small pieces.  I tossed them in a zip-loc.
Students received a disposable lunch bowl and wrote their name in the bottom.  We discussed the rules of the clay (no throwing, tossing, or pulling apart).  I gave each student a piece to roll into a sphere.

Step-by-step I took them through making a pinch-pot.  Like I said, 5 minutes tops.  They put their little bowl in their lunch tray and we set them to dry.  I came in to their room later in the afternoon and wrote their names on the bottom with Sharpie once they were dried a little.

Week 2, we used patterns and Sharpie and decorated our pots.

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