Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Not quite Native American Kachina Dolls in Second Grade.

I sometimes cringe when I see a display of brightly painted African Masks, or paintings of patterned Native American scenes, but, I've also been able to fine validity in my own teaching of multicultural art.

Second grade's not quite Native American Kachina dolls is an example of this.  We started with deep learning of the Hopi Native Americans.  We watched YouTube clips of real Native Americans discussing their craft and the meanings behind their sacred art.  We visual analyzed several pieces, and applied this art to history. Second graders already understood the meaning of Kachina dolls, and why they were so important to the Hopi before they embarked on their own doll.

Students did not copy a Hopi Kachina, rather, they thought about something very important to them and designed from there.  Their stuffed dolls now hang in the hall.

The Art of Education just recently published a blog post on this same topic.  It mirrors my sentiments to a tee.

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