Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kindergartners love Roy G. Biv! Free Roy G. Biv Coloring Page Download.

I teach kindergartners the colors of the rainbow and we complete some sort of rainbow project.  I like to show the video or play the song Roy G. Biv along with the lesson.  It's fun, it's memorable, They Might Be Giants is my favorite band in the whole world (there's earlier stuff, you know that right?), and to this day I have fifth graders that can still sing the song.

Well, one of my kindergarten classes has really been obsessed with Roy G. Biv this year.  I first showed the video in January - and every time I brought my computer to their room, they wanted to watch it again.  I knew we would have a little bit of time left after they completed their most recent project. So, I drew up a cute little Roy G. Biv elf from the video and let them color and watch the last few minutes of class.  It was fun!

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