Thursday, May 29, 2014

Engaging one day projects week! We're making buttons now.

I love buttons and I love them in the art room.

My classes had such a great time designing buttons for Youth Art Month, that I decided to purchase more button snap packs and turn it into a great one day, end of year, super send-off project.

I was taught that learning doesn't stop til the kids' leave for summer.  It's a tough philosophy to stick to when there are so many (sooooo many) interruptions at the end of year. I'm not about to turn my room into a free-zone, but I definitely have to take it down a notch.

I began with a PowerPoint.  It briefly describes the history of buttons and why people wear or make buttons.  It opened up a lively discussion and gave the kids some ideas.

Next, I passed out a Button Design Worksheet.  It is simply six circles the students designed in pencil, traced in Sharpie, and colored with markers.  Their favorite gets cut out and made into a button.

I didn't instill a theme, and they only had to follow a few rules; no text based buttons, and images must be colorful.

Most students were engaged the entire hour, and were proud to show off their button!

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