Friday, May 30, 2014

Engaging one day projects week! A beautiful flower vase.

My students seem to really love drawing from "How to Draw" books.  I often use them for introductions to lessons.  I had a set of "How to Draw Flowers" books and asked my third grade to draw silently for 15 minutes.
I chose the flower books so that we could discuss the still-life genre.  It was something we had not talked about since the beginning of the year.  We briefly discussed some fine art exemplars, and went to work drawing a vase of flowers on black paper.  I knew it would only be a one day lesson, so I didn't get involved in the parts of composition, or aspects of the subject and ground.  I did require students to only draw flowers from the book, not their imagination.
Once they were drawn, they traced with GOLD Sharpie!  We colored with color sticks. Students stayed engaged and unfortunately, some kids could have worked longer - if we only had the time!

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