Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Easy & inexpensive projects that bring art to the streets: Make Music Day guitars, drums, & maracas.

June 21st was Make Music Day.  My husband's music store hosted an outdoor event consisting of a group ukulele class, ukulele circle, and guitar play along all for free.  No Corner Sun's Art Studio was on hand for the kiddos to help make music too!

I have been bringing art class to the community in an effort to promote my private classes.  This event was a lot of fun and very successful!  Here are some pictures from the event:

We made drums!

coffee cans, protein shake canisters, and baby formula cans
thin vinyl cut into circles (about 2" more than the opening of the canister)
rubber bands
Sharpie Markers
scrap paper
14" dowel rods
7" square pieces of fabric
duck tape

Believe it or not, the only thing I had to purchase were the dowel rods for the drum sticks.  Everything else I had... ugh.
I made sure all my canisters were clean.  If they had a label I could peel off, I did.  If the label did not come off, I covered the canister with a decorative paper. I prepared enough supplies to make 20 drums!  And we made them all.
I screwed a hole into the end of the corks, and stuck the dowel rod into the end.  The children covered the corks with fabric, and used rubber bands to fasten them.  Feathers were added for fun!

We made box ukuleles!

cereal, cracker, cookie, boxes
wrapping paper cardboard tubes
decorative paper
x-acto knife
rubber bands

This one, I did most of the preparation ahead of time.  I covered the boxes in decorative paper. I cut all the holes in the center of the boxes, and slits at the top to hold the "neck".  The kids only had to decorate and add the rubber bands for it to make a sound.

And we made more maracas. Great day!

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