Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Paint, Drink, & Be Merry! Our philosophy, "Drink a little wine and learn while making art."

June 4th was No Corner Sun's Art Studio's first Paint, Drink, & Be Merry Event!
Wine & Paint events have become very popular... but I wasn't happy with what I was seeing produced in these 2 hour mini-franchised-classes.  Overwhelmingly every adult student copied line for line, color for color, what the teacher demonstrated, or a masterwork the studio chose.  I searched several local studios and Google, and I kept coming up with the same results.

No Corner Sun's sought to change that.  I went about designing the lesson just as I would for my elementary students.  It was a challenge.  I knew I would have students who had not had any sort of art class since they were in elementary school, I would have art enthusiasts, and I might even have some serious artists.

Here is our Flickr slideshow from the event.

My co-teacher and I spent an afternoon practicing the lesson, rehearsing the information, and noting difficult or confusing things that may cause speed bumps.  I was nervous about the information being vague or watered-down for more experienced artists, but I was also worried that it would be too much information for a newbie.  We put together packets, prepped visuals, and were able to successfully teach a lesson for everyone.  Adults need differentiation too!

The lesson was well received.  Several students commented that they enjoyed choosing their own subject within the theme. Many students remarked how much they had learned and asked about our next event.  That was all the motivation I needed to set up another one... or two!

In August, No Corner Suns will be hosting two Paint, Drink, & Be Merry events.  Both will be hosted by The Sweet & Savory Spot in downtown Westmont, Illinois.  Classes are limited to 20 people and guests must register online in advanced.

August 13th, 6:30pm - 8:30pm Thiebaud, tints & shades

August 27th, 6:30pm-8:30pm Kandinsky, complementary colors

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