Monday, July 14, 2014

TeachersPayTeachers paid for my Fluevogs. Now they shall pay for dance lessons....!

A few years ago, I was about as close as you can get to getting a book published by an actual publisher. *thisclose*  But, it didn't happen.  I sulked about it for awhile before I went the self-publishing route.  I went through iBooks for my hit, "Your Art Room's A Mess" and went with TeachersPayTeachers for my colossal success "The Art Teacher's Substitute Notebook."

It sounds like I'm being a sarcastic jerk - but one thing is true - TeachersPayTeachers paid for my Fluevogs.  I joined in May of '13 and by May of '14, I earned enough to purchase some lovely Mini Zaza's on International Fluevog Day.
Brand new right out of the box.  I was so excited, I photographed it. 
A stupid thing to spend my money on, but at the time, I looked at it as *free* money.  I hadn't actually done anything to earn it.  Not anything recently anyway.

Now, on to my second year with TPT.  I'm what they call a premium seller.  I honestly still get super excited when I get the email that something has sold!  Plus, I have every intention of adding new resources, and earning more money for "doing nothing".  This year however, that *free* money will go towards two little girls dance lessons.  Let's just say it's a lot more than a pair of Fluevogs.  Just think, every time you purchase something off of TeachersPayTeachers, you could be helping make two little girls' dreams come true, or outfitting an art teacher with a ridiculously awesome pair of shoes.

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  1. I came "this close" to having a book published a couple of years ago too. It was one on paper cutting. Oh the work I put into it! Ouch! But I do love TPT too. They've been good to me.