Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Easy and inexpensive projects that bring art to the streets: TP tube cuffs & a rant on street fair art.

Every Thursday this summer I set up shop in downtown Westmont for their Street Fair.  I had to come up with a bunch of unique and cheap projects that kids could do while standing at my table as their parents waited.  
As an art teacher, these walk-up art project tables always drive me crazy.  Sometimes the projects are so lame (Oriental Trading Company Foam Frame anyone?) Or, they were created and presented by someone who has never taught a child, has no children, or has no concept of a child's development.
I do not want to watch my child paint with acrylics without a smock at a street fair.  I do not want to carry around a pom-pom'd, chenille stemmed, feather sculpture that is dripping with glue.  I do not want my kid standing at the table for 25 minutes, and I do not want my kid standing there doing a coloring page.
I tried to take this into consideration with every little mini-project I developed. Here is my third project in the series:  TP tube cuffs.  The adults liked this one too!

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