Thursday, October 30, 2014

Easy & inexpensive projects that bring art to the street: Coffee filter everything

This summer I worked the Westmont Street Fair promoting my art studio.  I had to come up with some easy & inexpensive projects kids would find engaging and they could complete quickly.  I found a great go-to in coffee filters.

I set up my table with crayola markers and helped kids fold their coffee filter into 4ths.  They drew, colored, & designed one quarter of the folded filter.  They moved to the other end of the table where they placed the folded filter on a towel and sprayed both sides with water.  I had the kids mount the projects onto construction paper and they looked cool.  

Even though the end results were pretty awesome, the process was also really enjoyable.  My 6 year old wanted to keep making more and more and more at home!

Here are some pictures from the Clarendon Hills Park District Fall Fest.  I brought back the coffee filter idea and we turned them into pumpkins!

This pumpkin weighed 400lbs!  The Park District was raffling it off with the disclaimer that whoever won it would have to move it!

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